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ISO 9001:2000 Certificate



Today, thanks to the success of the top management and a lot of realized projects with many state companies, ministries, banks insurance companies as well as with others, the company has 30 employee each of them organized in 5 departments as follow:

  • Administration and Logistics
  • Purchase department
  • Sales department
  • Production department
  • Service department

Within offices we have 1 warehouses, as well as the service department fitted according international standards, ready to respond to variety of demands whether it’s a small or big customer or a client.

In order to provide quality products and service, Pakom Company organize training for it’s employee mainly in training centers of it’s partners. As a result of permanent training we have qualified educated employee with international recognizable diplomas and certificates. (more)

Nowadays Pakom Company has accomplished international certificate for quality management system according ISO 9001:2000 in the field of assembling, sales and servicing of computer equipment (hardware, software and netware) and supplies, service design, which gives us recognizable image on Macedonian and foreign IT market. (more)

The strategy of Pakom Company was and will be - satisfied Customer and oriented to the future.

About M SAN Grupa activities

M San Grupa is distributing products in two main segments: 

  • Computers hardware and software (IT)
  • Consumer electronics (CE)

Each segment has its independent deparment of commercial supply and sales, while storage and logistic operational segments are united, as well as departments for business support.

M SAN Grupa is leading distributor of informatic products and consumer's electronics offering over 9,600 products of more then 50 eminent world's brands.

M SAN Grupa is manufacturer and sole distributor of computers labeled MSGW, produced in automatic section for manufacturing of informatics equipment in Zagreb. This state of the art automatic machinery is unique for this part of europe, with capacity of assembling 1,000 computers per day and capability of their graphic processing. Assembling and testing of personal computers and servers is done on semiautomatic line that works on two different configurations: singular and mass production.

Modern and technologically advanced and equipped servise, with highly educated and experience staff, together with contemporary equipment and tools.
The service has a strategic significance for M SAN Grupa. As an agent, authorized distributor and partner, its obliged to provide full support to the beneficiary. For that purpose, M SAN Grupa utilizes high quality central service in Zagreb and a network of fourty authorized services in entire Republic of Croatia. Central Service, located in main building of M SAN Grupa in Buzin-Zagreb, occupies space of more then 900 square meters.

M SAN Grupa has most developed logistics support among computer dealers in Republic of Croatia and region, with purpose to ensure fast, proper and free of charge delivery to partners, three times a week, or by order within 24 orders with its own vehicles.

M SAN Grupa has a privileged status of recipient and sender of goods that allows independent pursuit of customary proccess that is without attandance of customs emlpoyees, with purpose of providing faster and more efficient service to the entire distribution net. M SAN Grupa also has its own customary D type storehouse (private customary storehouse that serves for storage of products that did not go through customes process).




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