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Pakom Company is founded in 1991 by four IBM engineers as a service for mainframes.

At the end of 1992 the company has been transformed in Ltd company continuing as a service provider, but servicing personal computers as well.

In 1994 Pakom Company successfully starts distribution of the leader of magnetic media, mainly selling media storage product, computer accessories, etc., as well as supplies for computer peripherals - printers:

In the following years the business was growing, especially in 1999 when the range in distribution has spread in to the field of computer technology and networking thanks to the world known producers of computer equipment and communication:

As a result of everyday growing business and projects there was a space for new brands which will accompanied the existing one. So, during 2002 Pakom Company starts distribution of the products for uninterruptible power supply as well as network system rack from:

In the same year 2002 Pakom Company encompasses it’s gamma  with the variety of computer accessories and writing instruments from:

The everyday demanding projects opens a new start in negotiations with other companies producing network equipment with latest specifications and performances, and as a result of that Pakom Company start with official distribution of active network equipment from:

and later on in 2003 brought the famous producer for design, manufacturing and distribution of products for the presentation and protection of printed documents:

According to market expectations for more reliable and quality products for Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) in 2004 Pakom Company start distribution of the well known European producer:

The same 2004 Pakom Company starts distribution of storage products, such as memory, USB keys, Flash cards and more from the known Taiwan producer Transcend .

As the needs for protection individuals and businesses against computer viruses and other threats spreading through the Internet and mobile networks, in 2005 Pakom Company signed agreement for distribution of antivirus, network encryption, desktop firewall with intrusion prevention, anti-spam and parental control products from the Finland company F-Secure.

Beside it’s main activity, distribution of computer IT equipment, Pakom Company on the Macedonian market is also known as AWDP (Authorized Warranty Delivery Partner) of the world known producer of computer equipment and peripherals Hewlett Packard.



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