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Pakom is bought by M SAN Grupa, leading regional IT distribution company
Pakom is bought by M SAN Grupa, leading regional IT distribution company

Friday, 1.IX.2006. - Today, PAKOM Company held a press conference where is announced trakeover by M SAN Grupa, leading IT distribution company in Croatia.

„It is a direct international investment“ company management says, „which will bring a fresh capital to Macedonia and gain local employment.“

This international investment will take part in developing of domestic IT market, bringing it closer to the technology sources, tightening it`s connections to international IT markets and strenghtening competition in IT sector – where customers will be given better services, lower prices and bigger choice of IT products on market.

M SAN Grupa has a network of partners in Croatia and region - Austria, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Serbia, Montenegro. By M SAN entering Macedonia means better connecting of macedonian IT market to other regional markets, accepting modern business processes and exchange and distribution of new technology, hi-quality products and services.

Press conference in Skopje: Pakom becomes part of M SAN Grupa

Stojčev (translator), Kujundžić (Croatian ambassador in Macedonia), Gogolja (M SAN Grupa) and Petrovski (Pakom)

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M SAN Групацијата

M SAN Grupa

About M SAN Grupa

M SAN Grupa is privately owned company, and has quickly grown into one of the leading Croatian companies. We have successfully opened companies across the region, in Austria, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and is about to start up our activities in Macedonia.

M SAN Grupa is founded in 1995. as computer company and today is leading distributor of information technology products and services in Republic of Croatia. More than decade log development is based on broad network of partners which bring competitive advance on the market.

Croatian Insitute for Business (Zavod za poslovna istraživanja) ranked M SAN Grupa as 142th among 75.000 active companies in Croatia
Croatian Chamber of Economy (Hrvatska Gospodarska komora) recognized these efforts and - in last four years - Chamber rewarded M SAN Grupa with three consecutive „Zlatna kuna“ awards and prestigious „Crystal kuna“ for contributions to Croatian economy.

With yearly profit of 139.5 milions Euro, their own automatized computer production plant, 270 employees and 2770 partners in region, M SAN Grupa is one of the biggest regional IT companies.


Pakom Company

Pakom Company


Pakom Company is well known on macedonian IT industry for years. Today, PAKOM is one of leading  IT company in Macedonia, as exclusive distributor of international IT brands as well as it`s planning, retail, installation, service and support.

Company iz founded in 1991., as enterpreur company on macedonian IT market, and in 1992. Pakom is transformed to a LCC. Founders, former employees of IBM with 15-year experience, held a large part in fast development and succes of Pakom. Their knowledge and business in line with international standards are basics for advance of the company. TOday, Pakom has 20 employees.

Pakom is ISO 9001:2000 certified, according to international standard, giving the company recognizable business and organisational model.

Pacom Company`s vision is to become a dominant player on IT market of Macedonia and in region, recognized as quality and permenet partner.


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