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ISO 9001:2000 Certificate


Our Mission, Vision and Our Values

M SAN Grupa


M San Grupa - regional leader in distribution of modern technologies.


M San Grupa provides maximum support to its partners by optimizing processes in distribution channels in order to help partners gain competitive advantage.

Our Values

Confidence and respect among associates and between partners are basics of any quality business relationship. Integrity and personality of each individual is treated with respect, as well as differences in opinions, cultures, and conventions. We promote open communications. To achieve our vision, we equally value each product, service and market, just like an awareness that our associates and partners can lean on us. Therefore, we are determined to nurture and encourage relations of the mutual trust and respect.

We keep our promises toward associates and partners. We execute our committments, and are determined to complete our part of the job, without expecting that someone else might do it on behalf of ourselves. We identify and solve even those problems that need to be solved without prior notices. Each one of us is held responsible for his/her work and actions, as for a success and welfare of the entire company. By giving our best effort we seek for the best possible solutions that are suitable for all parties included. We manage resources by principles of a good manager. Also, we are held responsible to keep all information and activities of M San Grupa within the company.

To be proactive means to take an initiative, to be ready to takeover a risk. In order to stay competitive it is always important to think at least few steps ahead, otherwise you cannot anticipate partners’ needs nor react timely. Time is a changeable variable that cannot be controlled, therefore reaction time from getting info, onto decision and final result must be fast and effective.

Customer Driven Organization
Our efficiency and effectiveness are highly appreciated by our partners and clients. Dedication to each partner and customer helps us to gain their confidence. We anticipate their needs and provide them with solutions the moment they need them. In order to accomplish our clients' requests, we continously analyze market trends and adapt to them with an aim to be clients' first and only choice.

Teamwork Development
We are developing a culture of togetherness and cooperation by implementing “all for one and one for all” principle. At M San Grupa we exchange our experiences, share expertise knowledge through advising and keep our communication lines open. As we are an international firm we respect and accept differences within us, which allows us to look at the given situation from different perspectives. We recognize and support associates’ contributions and collectively share success. Therefore, we especially encourage and affirm teamwork, full cooperation, and multidisciplinary approach in different business projects and assignments.

It has not been too long since we started to build M San Grupa. Our curiosity, enthusiasm, creator’s anxiety and acquisition of new ideas placed us on a path of growth. Each new problem is a challenge that we solve with an open mind approach. We seek for new solutions while improving existing processes and procedures. By finding new means to satisfy growing needs of our partners, along with constant learning and innovations we create new, additional values.

Learning Organization
Acquiring of new competences is a personal responsibility and obligation of each one of us. Creative approach to assignments, willingness to learn, suggestions and experiences and ability to generate new ideas is always appreciated and properly rewarded. We develop and apply a system of impact assesment, and remove gaps, while coordinating processes and procedures according to changes that constantly evolve. Exchange of knowledge is extremely important because it raises an overall organizational knowledge - one of our main advantages.
Transfer of knowledge and experiences has been encouraged by having employees participate in specialists and interdisciplinary project teams that required different processes and thinking and therefore enhanced their knowledge.
All of us, especially management are obligated to give professional and human help and to support our associates in the learning process.

Positive work environment
We are striving to achieve exactly what we write and talk about. Foundations for this must lay in a positive environment that surrounds us on a daily basis. Our working enthusiasm is driven by desire for success and achievements. We support sincere, positive, friendly relations, approve them and build on them with our participation. In case of personal dissatisfaction we identify a problem, solve it personally while motivating and encouraging other members of the team.

Abundance in diversity
We perceive diversity as an invaluable asset as we are competing on markets that have different cultures, economical environments and different perspectives. We fully embrace this kind of diversity and respond to it with a tray of our own varieties and differences. The most valuable resource of M San Grupa are its people with different experiences, knowledge, skills, ideas and wishes. They represent a strong basis on which we build our growth and success. In that process we also have an impact on our partners and society in general. We spread our values, create new posts and continuously achieve new goals that make us successful in doing our business.


Out of Many, One
That's our partners and us.